Latest CMP Sales News

M1 CARBINE SALES. We have started the inspection of the M1 Carbines that were recently transferred to the CMP. Because the carbines were received with the bolts removed and many are in heavy preservative, the process is taking longer than expected. The carbines will not be ready for sale on 1 March. We will begin accepting carbine orders for Inland carbines on 30 April, 2007. Carbine orders received prior to 30 April will be returned to the sender. Other manufacturers will not be available until later in the year. At this time no decisions have been made as to pricing. We are not accepting orders or establishing waiting lists at this time. Please see We will post new information as it becomes available. Next CMP Sales update is planned for 23 March.CARBINE AMMO. At this time CMP does not have any carbine ammo for sale. If we are successful in acquiring some, we will post the information on our website and also include it in a CMP Sales Update.

CMP “USGI” GARAND RIFLES. The CMP has been notified that any M1 Garand rifles still in depot storage will not be transferred to the CMP, but will be retained in support of veterans’ organizations. We had expected to receive some of these Garands for use in filling the backlog of “USGI” orders. Any future transfers of M1 Garands to the CMP will be MAP returns and will not meet our current definition of “USGI”. As a result, over the next few weeks our staff will be contacting everyone who has an existing order for a “USGI” Garand to find out if the customers would like to change the order to an option currently in stock or cancel the order altogether.

.22LR, M1903 and M1903A3 BACKORDERS. Many of the .22LR and M1903 and M1903A3 that were available for purchase in January have been posted as sold out or removed from our website entirely. In addition to accepting orders for the quantities we had ready for shipment, we also established a backorder list for those quantities we felt we would be able to fill over the next 90-180 days, based on expected additional transfers from the Army. We do expect to fill all backorders for these items. If we find that we cannot fill those orders, we will contact the customers and let them know. New orders being received for the sold out models are not being accepted and customers are being notified.

EMAILS TO CMP. To improve response time for emails being sent to the CMP, please include the email thread (previous emails – if any). Work assignments at CMP are rotated almost daily based on staff availability and having the complete thread reduces research time. The CMP staff thanks you for this consideration.