Clark County Shooting Park Update

To volunteer for the shooting park, go to Clark County Parks and Recreation  home page and click on Volunteer Program  This is for the park only not the advisory board.
On October 2, 2007 the Clark County Board of County Commissioners awarded a bid to Contri Construction Company to construct our water pump station, onsite reservoir and water service lines. As soon as all their paperwork is processed, they will begin construction.

Because of its location on a major flood plain and alluvial fan, the shooting park site design has had to struggle with significant event water run off flows from the Las Vegas Range north of the site. This expensive flood control project has been the single most time consuming part of the design of this shooting park.

Future bids will be for the civil package for the ranges, the Decatur Roadway, all the internal utilities and supporting structures and the shooting ranges. Check out the website, the areas indicated in yellow are the areas that will be covered by this first phase of development.

In mid-September, we released a bid for the construction of the buildings. During further discussions, it was made known to us that the code did not allow for building construction to begin until the fire water lines were installed for safety reasons. This meant that the buildings were released for construction before the water service could be provided. Consequently, the building bids were pulled in order to allow the other utilities to proceed in proper sequencing, they will be bid last.

The design team has finished its business, and now we have a construction team in place.
Don Turner have been receiving rumors that the shooting park project has been cancelled, that the funding has been removed, and several other rumors that basically are saying that the project is dead. These rumors are not true.

In August, we added a Marketing Specialist to the staff. I’m pleased to announce that Joan Miller comes to the Shooting Park with experience in the private sector within the Las Vegas market. Her priorities will be to develop a task oriented marketing plan, establish an outreach volunteer program, take our display booth on the road in the Las Vegas area, begin preparations for the grand opening ceremony, develop a retail business partnership program, as well as “other duties as assigned.”

As you know from previous eBULLETins, Gena Crunden is our Administrative Supervisor and she has been busy with Shooting Park accounts payable and receivable procedures, as well as working on a merchandising plan for two pro shops.

The Business Enterprise of Nevada has exercised its legal rights and has chosen to operate the cafeteria in the Clay Target Center as well as the on site vending machines. We are looking forward to working with them to develop our agreements for their operation.

September 30, 2007 was the final day of the three-year Nevada Department of Wildlife grant which has supported Don Turners position and the administrative support for the Shooting Park during the planning phases. We are sincerely appreciative of their support and assistance and are actively developing an inter agency agreement regarding the joint operation of the Hunter Education Center. Currently the Shooting Park personnel and programs are fully funded by Clark County. We are still active in generating capital development funding for the Events and Services Module of the Shooting Park. I hope to be able to provide you with some success stories regarding these efforts in future issues of the eBULLETin.