Homeowners Range Questions Answered

At completion, the distance between the shooting line and the closest private property line will be 5,280 feet, one mile exactly. Once the range is operational, the county will test the noise level for compliance. If it is not compliant, the range will be closed until the situation can be remedied.Formal shooting ranges are operated under a strictly enforced set of rules established for the safety of those who use the range as well as those who might live or play nearby. The same will be true for the county shooting park. Turner said certified range masters will be on site to supervise all shooting activities whenever the park is open. Also, the park police will have an on-site presence. People who don’t follow the range rules will be ticketed and removed.

Turner cited studies that show lead deposited on alkaline soils like those found at the shooting park will not dissolve into lead salts. The lead instead will remain as it is until it is removed periodically. Water passing through the range will be cleaned of lead before it leaves the site. The state Health Department has approved the process for lead removal.

During his address at the October 2006 groundbreaking ceremony for the shooting park, U.S. Sen. Harry Reid talked about shooting activities with his grandson, Mason.

Here’s the complete story from the Las Vegas Review Journal.