Neighbors Seek Federal Injunction Against Shooting Park

This is on Las Vegas Now web-site.  Construction will continue until judge hears the case.

 Chris Saldana, Reporter
Neighbors Seek Federal Injunction Against Gun Park

Updated: Aug 25, 2008 09:51 PM PDT


The battle over a shooting park in the northern part of the Las Vegas valley has now moved to federal court.

A group of residents is calling the gun park a “Disneyland with guns” and the county is not commenting on this latest filing. The shooting park is located between Buffalo and Decatur at the far northern end of the valley.

“It’s peaceful, quiet, beautiful view of the mountains, kids playing in the streets.” This is how neighbors who live in the northwest part of the valley describe their neighborhood. But they say this will all change because of a gun park that’s being built near their homes.

On Monday neighbors walked from their attorney’s office to the Lloyd George Federal Court building where their lawyer filed the paperwork on their behalf.

“All complaints are efiled and then there will also be a motion seeking a hearing for an injunction. An injunction would simply say let’s stop and reconsider the environmental concerns, the nature of the use, the volume to people that will be traveling there every day,” said Matthew Callister, attorney.

Tyson Wrensch lives in a neighborhood and says he wants the park moved, but also asks that the county change the way it discloses major projects like this.

“The builders in that area are still not showing a shooting range near these homes. Why hasn’t the county stepped in. I had to sign a disclosure for Aliante casino which hasn’t been built yet, and that’s five miles away,” Wrensch said.

Lorraine Lennard also lives in the neighborhood and says the county has compared the noise level to a barking dog or a helicopter.

Imagine listening to a barking dog, or a helicopter or constant repetition of gun fire for twelve hours a day, it’s enough to drive a women crazy,” she said.

Neighbors say the county notified them that the 750-foot radius for a project is larger than McCarran International Airport and six times larger than Disneyland. The county says they can not talk about pending litigation.


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