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Nevada Scholastic Pistol Program Head Coach Daniel Lord
announces results.

Silver State Shooting Sports Scholastic Pistol Program 

SSSSA Scholastic Pistol Shoot May 2014

4 Stages 
Go Fast
In and Out
Speed Trap

Silver State Junior Shooting Club
BSA Venture Crew 328
Senior Shooting Squad

1st Joe-83.92 seconds
2nd Casey-170.18 seconds
3rd Kristin-178.91 seconds
4th Zack-186.53 seconds .

5th Britton-242.75 seconds

Silver State Junior Shooting Club
BSA Venture Crew 328
Junior Shooting Squad

1st Wyatt-88.50 seconds
2nd Nickolai-111.07 seconds
3rd Sydney-150.19 seconds
4th Joey-208.99 seconds

Best Squad, goes to the Juniors with 558.75 total seconds
Seniors Squad had 619.54 total seconds
Best Overall…

1st Joe
2nd Wyatt
3rd Nickolai

Thanks go out to all that participated and Volunteered their time.

Silver State Shooting Sport Association

Posted Scores




Round 1 Round 2 Round 3   Round 1 Round 2 Round 3
Name Seconds Seconds Seconds   Seconds Seconds Seconds
Sydney 35.01 13.43     54.21 15.26  
Wyatt 16.53 18.39     23.38 47.46  
Zach 23.27 33.19 26:41   25.46 37.04  
Britton 22.32 33.46     19.54 29.28  
Kristin 45.47 33.09     42.25 37.25  
Casey 40.31 55.56     33.55    
Breydon         24.88    

Sydney had the best round at 13.43 Seconds. 

Wyatt had the fastest string at 2.02 Seconds. 

Participants must shoot a string of 5 steel targets starting with the 4 primary targets finishing up with the stopper plate and doing it as fast as they can shoot.



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